4 Grams

This is a story of how 4 grams can affect a company’s customer service reputation and loss of revenue. As a brokerage, aims to give customers the best service they can expect in Thailand. We have been voted by customers to be the best in customer service in the insurance industry. Why? Because we send customers their renewal reminders three months in advance via a postal service. We print the renewal notices in our office in monthly lots, send it to our packing team who matches it with the customer’s address, packs them into envelopes, and sends them out to customers via Thai Post. Customers receive these notices and become aware of when their insurance policies are going to expi

What do CEOs really do (IMO)

We know that a CEO’s position includes being responsible for major corporate decisions, managing overall operations, and being the main point of communication amongst the board of directors and other company leads. However, despite having the highest-ranking executive position in the company, there’s so much more they do that goes unseen. As a CEO, I have come to realize that there’s more to the job description that I had anticipated but I have become accustomed to the role. Based on my experience, I believe that there are four things people should know about CEOs. We act as a filter Part of the job includes meeting the needs of employees and customers but also keeping the investors happy. A

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