Work Experience

CEO & Co-Founder​

(Jan 2016 to Present)

Frank is creating a new type of online insurance experience, offering the fastest, simplest and most personalized way to get the cover you need.

In our 4 years of operations, Frank has also won multiple awards from industry leaders naming us the number 1 insurance company online. We have also received a 4.9 out of 5-star customer rating from 1000s of customers on Facebook making us the country's number 1 in customer service in the insurance industry. Altogether we have sold over half a billion THB in premiums with over 100,000 customers in total.


Our policies are underwritten by the best insurance companies in their vertical, selected for their established industry standing and excellent level of after-sales service to create a frictionless experience from your first visit through to renewal and beyond.


We now have over half a million visitors to the website a month with over a million quotations served online. We have grown from car insurance only website to now providing customers with the option to buy a car, motorcycle, accident, travel, health, property, compulsory, and life insurance policies. Working with over 15 insurance providers, Frank is now seen as the leading insure-tech company in Thailand

As of 2019, Frank has been acquired by FWD Insurance due to its strength in understanding customers, unique platform, technology, and commitment to driving growth online. FWD will be leveraging Frank's technology and expanding it across its' brokerage network throughout Asia under the brand of Bolttech


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CEO (Thailand) & Co-Founder

(Mar 2013 to Jan 2016)

Orami, the first online shopping destination for Women in Southeast Asia.

We understand the bustling schedule of modern women: family, work, social life, hobbies and household duties… Don’t you sometimes wish you had more time? This is why we created Orami, the first e-commerce destination for all women’s needs. We sell a large range of products for Mom & BabyFashionElectronicHomeHealthBeauty and Pets

The best part is that we deliver right to your doorstep. At Orami, you can “Have It All”.

We have launched:

Pet products - (May 2013)

Baby products - (July 2013)

Health Supplements (Apr 2014)

Wholesale FMCGs - (June 2014)

Cosmetics (June 2014)

My Role:

My role as Country Manager was to meet monthly targets, grow revenues, build local branding presense, set direction for the company in Thailand, nuture a growth and fun company culture, and management of shareholders. During my time at Moxy, I was involved in 1 acquisition (Sanoga), 1 M&A (with Bilna Indonesia) and 2 round of successful fundraising (Series A & B) with an investment totalling $20 million USD.


Some of my responsibilities include:​​

  • Manage expenses, procurement, margins, and operational costs

  • Business Intelligence reporting

  • Budget and investments management

  • High level strategy decision making

  • building processes and improving operational efficiencies

  • Business development

  • Staff recruitment and management

  • Strategic partnerships with clients and brands

  • Building relations with PR and other news agencies

  • CRM and ERP optimization and sprint plannings

  • Partnership management

Senior Officer

(Mar 2009 to Mar 2011)

FInansia Syrus is one of the top 10 brokerage firms in Thailand with trades in the billions of dollars a year. Also known as the innovative broker, they provide systems and solutions to both retail traders and wholesale traders making it easier to access stocks, derivatives, futures, options, and funds in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In addition, the company has been designated by the SEC in financial advisory service and a registered financial advisor to Ministry of Finance.

My Role:

As a senior marketing officer, I was in charge of over 50 clients with trades totaling over 1 billion baht a year (34 million USD). During my time there, I was promoted 3 times due based on me exceeding performance based KPIS. I was also in charge of hiring and training interns due to my ability to speak both English and Thai fluently. Due to my linguistic skills, I was also incharge of all retail and corporate foreign clients including those of The Minor Group, Siam Waste Management Group, and Evolution Capital. 


Some of my responsibilities include:

  • New client acquiring

  • Gathering information and analysis of all stock listed companies

  • Presentation of information to clients

  • Account management and portfolio diversification

  • Risk management

  • Technical analysis (candle stick graphs and line chart graphs)

  • Client support and management

  • Documentation of trades and profit/loss for SEC audit and clients

Customer Service and Sales

(Sep 2006 to Nov 2008)

OCIS was founded in Australia. A major Australian telecommunications company engaged OCIS in October 2004 as its seventh and smallest service provider. Today OCIS has grown to be that provider’s largest outsourced service partner. In January 2009, OCIS launched a new Market Research initiative by significantly expanding both its leadership team and production capacity. Today, OCIS conducts a variety of services on behalf of its clients; including inbound, outbound, customer service

My Role:

Working as a sales and customer representative for clients of OCIS how I paid for all my expenses through college. It was a commission paid job and not to blow my own horn, but I was good at what I did. I reached the Platinum status multiple times allowing me to earch triple the standard pay and it got my name put on a plaque in the office. I was also promoted during my 2 years there from making only outbound calls (cold and warm calls) to receiving inbound calls.


Some of my responsibilities include:

  • Build rapport within minutes with customers

  • Understand and convey needs and wants of customers to team leaders to consistently deliver exceptional service

  • Capture and collection of information for the team to work towards common goals

  • Performing credit checks proving the ability to handle sensitive information such a credit card and bank account details

  • Reaching monthly sales and customer satisfaction targets set by company

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